New Website Launch

New Website Launch

Friday, Oct 2, 2015 0 comment(s)

A new website for Lilac Coast.

So very happy to be launching the new website for Lilac Coast. This has been an epic year of change with re-locating family and work- but so enjoying our new life living in the countryside, and only a mile from the sea. The best of both worlds! We all love it!

A change in lifestyle has brought a change with work as well. It has been a pleasure taking time sourcing, photographing and styling all the ranges for the new site. There is an emphasis on beautiful quality home accessories for Autumn, which I hope you will love too.

Here is a photo I took yesterday of the last Rose in our new garden. I absolutely love flowers, I use them all the time in my photography, and roses are one of my favourites. With all the gorgeous Autumn sunshine we have been enjoying, it is so lovely to see one more Rose before Winter and so looking forward to them appearing again next year.



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