Organic Hand-Made Botanical Candles

Organic Hand-Made Botanical Candles

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018 0 comment(s)

Now in stock beautiful scented hand-crafted organic botanical candles.

New in for Lilac Coast are these completely natural, organic, vegan and environmentally friendly hand-crafted candles from Sunday Of London. There are three beautiful scents- Midmight (somewhere), Sous Les Couvertures (UNDER THE STARS) and Riad. The candles are three times scented with only aromatherapy grade pure essential oils, in a blend of creamy coconut wax and gmo-free plant wax, with a 100% pure cotton wick. Always handcrafted in small batches, never any palm oil and never any synthetic perfumes or components.

Midnight somewhere invokes an individual feeling for everyone. The subtle hints of lavender and rose may transport you to the splendour of France, dusk, a candlelit dinner in a sumptuous rose garden surrounded by fields of lavender. Find out where Midnight (somewhere) takes you. The undertones of floral lavender with the sweet yet slightly bitter qualities of orange peel and rose geranium create an addictive aromatherapy fragrance you won’t be able to pull away from. This incredible blend of five essential oils is designed to bring peace and tranquillity to both the mind and body.

Sous les couvertures; we all experience those lazy mornings, where all we want to be is under the covers, embraced, warm and relaxed. Sous les Couvertures (under the stars), aims to capture that enveloping warmth and comforting moment between waking and sleeping.

With a soothing, musky vanilla base that imbues tranquility, with peppermint and citrus in the background to gently awaken the senses, you’re given a truly immersing experience. This carefully prepared blend of aromatherapy oils creates a luxurious scent to fill your home and transport you into the world found at the edges of sleep.

Riad invokes a feeling of the exotic with hints of cedar wood, grapefruit, black pepper, cypress bark, and cardoman and rose. The scent may transport you to the splendour of Marrakech, a far away land, the sights and smells of a distant land. 

These candles are £12 each and make a lovely gift idea for friends and family x


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