Essence + Alchemy Aether Beaker Candle
  • Essence + Alchemy Aether Beaker Candle
  • Essence + Alchemy Aether Beaker Candle

Essence + Alchemy Aether Beaker Candle


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The Aether candle has an uplifting and energising essential oil blend of peppermint, rosemary, lemon, sage and juniper, which will help refresh and cleanse the air.  The Aether essential oil blend has been charged under the light of the full moon to harness it's lunar power and infuse the oil with positive energy.

Aether is the fifth element in alchemical chemistry and early physics.  Meaning clear sky and the upper regions of air beyond the clouds, originally it denoted a substance believed to occupy space beyond the sphere of the moon.    'Aithēr' in Homeric Greek means ‘upper air’ from the word 'aithein'  meaning to burn or shine. 

The eco-friendly candle is hand poured in a British made hand-blown glass with a wood wick, which when lit will crackle and glow to give a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Small Candle - 150ml Handblown British Made.

Wax:  120ml / 4.2 oz

Wick: Wood

Burn:  30 hours

Ingredients: Rapeseed Wax (UK Rapeseed), Essential oils - Ylang-Ylang, Geranium, Sandalwood, Rosewood & Sweet Orange, Wood-Wick.

Candles are 100% natural, handmade in the UK, made with clean burning sustainable rapeseed wax and are highly scented with essential oils.  The candles is GMO and toxin free, earth-friendly, cruelty free and vegan (100% rapeseed). Each candle comes in a stylish recycled kraft box.

Once your candle has burnt away, re-use the glass beaker as a tea light holder, a flower vase or as a mini planter pot.

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