Antique Brass Ring Hanging Candle Holder

Modern Scandinavian style hanging candle holder. The candle holder comes in an antique brass metal f..

Antique Brass Wreath Wring

Decorative antique brass wire wreath ring for adding greenery and string lights available in three s..

Ceramic Wall Hanging Plant Pot

Stylish contemporary shaped ceramic wall hanging plant pot in lovely neutral colours. There is a cho..

Handmade Hanging Beldi Basket

The Hanging Beldi Baskets are handwoven in Morocco by skilled artisans using traditional techniques...

Kiko Photo Box

This striking Kiko photo box is a delight to behold. The base of the box reveals a glass frame, perf..

Kiko Round Brass Mirror

The stunning Kiko round mirrors provide simple, elegant sophistication. The antique brass is skilful..

Moroccan Handwoven Hanging Pot Planter

The Moroccan hanging pot is handwoven from natural palm leaf and strung with a twisted cord. This ru..

Nalbari Mango Wood Chopping Board

The Nalbari Chopping Board is striking and practical. Skilfully pieced together from segments of sus..

Nalbari Mango Wood Round Chopping Board

The Nalbari fair-trade round Pizza Board is skilfully pieced together from sustainable mango wood wi..

Natural And Black Woven Handmade Pattern Basket

This handmade woven natural water hyathinth storage basket with black woven abstract pattern and car..

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